Mark K., San Francisco

I hired Mark Brand Architecture to design the remodel for my house in San Francisco. His design brought much needed light into the interior of the house. The remodel was extensive and Mark and his staff gave me a lot of help during the remodel, especially when it came to working around or through problems that the old structure of the house posed which included working with the engineers he helped me find.

I was doing most of the remodeling on my own as general contractor and Mark steered me to many contractors who were willing to work with a non-professional general contractor as I was.

Everyone who came to the house after the remodel was quite surprised with the results. I was happy with the design and the results and was especially impressed with all the extra work Mark and his staff put into the remodel. Although the design was created seven years ago, it still looks as fresh and modern as the day the project was completed. I've recommended Mark Brand Architecture to people I know who are looking to update or remodel their house, both large and small jobs and everything in between. I do it with the confidence that those people will be as happy with the results from Mark Brand Architecture as I am.