Mid-century Makeover

mcm02Fixing An Alamo Fixer

The original design of this late Mid-century Modern house featured a horrifically ugly entry which the owners needed our help to fix. In addition, they wanted to add a master suite, create a home theater, and remodel the family room. Although they originally considered adding a second floor, our final design resulted in an extension of the house which accentuated its existing linear quality. Our solution to the entry problem included cutting back part of the vaulted roof to allow more light in and adding a cantilevered canopy instead. A new entry bridge crosses a koi pond, and new clerestory windows, stone planters and cedar trim complete the makeover of the previously bland plywood-clad box. The new master suite features 12 foot ceilings, clerestory windows, 8 foot high French doors and a fireplace. The exterior of the addition employs the same pallet of materials as the new façade but with a carefully composed composition of form and proportion. The new family room features the same stone cladding as we used on the exterior.

Architecture by Mark Brand Architecture
Photos by Christopher Stark Photography

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