Markus W., San Francisco

I have worked with Mark Brand Architecture on several projects from 2010 to present. I hired the company in 2010 in order to build a state of the art dental office from a raw space, the end result was incredible. The budget was accurate, the deadlines were spot on and his team conducted themselves with professional conduct and amazing attitudes.

I have continued to work with Mark on several other projects including my personal residence.

Andrew K., Alamo

Mark did an outstanding job on my parents' home in Alamo. They purchased a home and had a vision for its potential - and many were skeptical. They hired an architect (not Mark) who drew some sketches and we were all feeling quite uninspired. They took the bold move to let go of her and hire Mark. Simply put, he wowed us. Mark is a seasoned professional with a cutting-edge aesthetic and a great personality. We loved working with Mark and his team. He is adaptable, creative, and lovely. Do not hesitate - hire him

Stephen P., Sonoma

Mark did an amazing job on our home in Sonoma. What was a fairly traditional ranch house was transformed into a California/Italian villa! It was a big project. We more than doubled our living space and created many, many outdoor places to entertain, relax and enjoy the views.

I would use Mark Brand Architecture again in a heartbeat.

J. S., Mill Valley

We loved working with Mark and his team when we remodeled our home in Mill Valley. They listened to our input, challenging appropriately when needed, and incorporating what we then jointly agreed upon in the design. Mark's team brought numerous good suggestions to the project.

Mark K., San Francisco

I hired Mark Brand Architecture to design the remodel for my house in San Francisco. His design brought much needed light into the interior of the house. The remodel was extensive and Mark and his staff gave me a lot of help during the remodel, especially when it came to working around or through problems that the old structure of the house posed which included working with the engineers he helped me find.

Janet P., Palo Alto

San Francisco Contemporary Architect Mark Brand has been an amazing find. Mark Brand and his team of professional architects have provided creative and insightful architecture in a thorough and timely manner. If you are looking for a San Francisco Bay Area-based contemporary architect, I would absolutely recommend you contact Mark Brand Architecture.

Mitch M., San Francisco

I would recommend Mark to anyone needing a first-rate architect without hesitation. I hired Mark as the architect for the remodel of my house. I had very particular objectives with respect to design and aesthetics, and aimed to achieve a traditional Japanese design with modern Western elements. My house is tiny, so making smart use of small space was crucial to success, as was managing contractors and navigating the permit process.