Mark listened to my goals and produced designs and found materials that fit with what I hoped to achieve. He helped me find and evaluate contractors, ultimately choosing a contractor (Chas Voorhis at Abacus) who I could not be more happy with. He competently managed the building and permit process without any of the serious glitches that can affect a project like this. When challenging situations did arise, he confidently and quickly resolved them. He has an impeccable design sensibility and the quality of what we achieved from both a build and design perspective rivals anything I've seen elsewhere. In fact, the house was written up in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Sarah Susanka book "not so big remodeling." I was most impressed with Mark's ability to study and master the elements of traditional Japanese house design. He went so far as to study literature on the topic and speak with experienced experts in traditional Japanese house design. The Japanese elements of the project masterfully reflect the best of Japanese design traditions and feel consistent with (and sometimes better than) architectural elements I've experienced in Japan itself.