We've Only Just Begun

This small budget remodel for a young couple in San Francisco's Bernal Heights included an all new façade, kitchen, living room and bathroom. The original 1950 house was typical of the unimproved houses in the area with a flat façade consisting of an uninspired box with vinyl windows, a recessed entry and a garage door. New stucco in two fresh colors, wood slat detailing, new windows and aluminum doors created a stylishly asymmetrical modern façade, emphasizing what differences in the planes that already existed. Filling in a portion of the recessed entry at the ground floor we created a welcoming foyer with a new, modern stair open to the living room above. A new fireplace and built-ins in the living room create a high-contrast layered effect while allowing maximum light to spill into the foyer below. Inexpensive cabinets stained dark brown continue the theme of contrast and simplicity with white stone counters tracking around the room to create casual dining supported on custom aluminum struts. A new bathroom completes the facelift.